Nubia Red Magic 7 with DTS:X Ultra Announced Globally

Nubia Red Magic 7, one of the best gaming phones this year, is finally making its way out of China. The global version with DTS:X Ultra was just announced and is expected to hit markets this March.

The Red Magic 7, the main competitor of ROG Phone 6 as well as Lenovo’s Legion Y90, is coming this March 10 to international markets via its official website.

Red Magic 7: New Game Space Features, Memory and Storage

As always, the phone boasts a unique design and comes in three flavors this year: Supernova, Obsidian, and
Pulsar. Besides the different design, each flavor has its unique memory and storage combo.

Supernova offers 18GB RAM + 256GB memory, while Pulsar sports 16GB RAM + 256GB memory and has blue-pink pulsating gradient colors. Finally, Obsidian is inspired by volcanic glass and comes with 12GB + 128GB memory.

Red Magic 7 Pulsar

Besides the bold case, gamers will notice two new features of the Game Space. One is the “Quick Picture Library” which lets players view images they saved in game and the second one is “Quick Notes” which allow users to record game notes and ideas. Both can be saved in the phone’s view board, storing them on the screen at the side while gaming.

Red Magic 7: DTS:X Ultra and other Audio Enhancements

Mobile gaming wouldn’t be the same without strong audio. Nubia made sure Red Magic 7 was capable of great spatial sound, thanks to DTS:X Ultra.

Players will be able to locate accurately their opponents, as well as all other in-game environmental sounds. 

The bass response, loudness, and audio clarity are enhanced and tuned for the phone’s speakers and connected headphones.

To support this technology, Red Magic 7 was outfitted with three mics, dual smart PA and a rarity these days, a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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Red Magic 7: Cooling Mechanism

Gaming sessions should last longer if the new cooling mechanism has anything to say. Nubia worked on a nine-layer system with phase change material (PCM), a turbofan powered cooling air duct, high-conductivity copper foil, thermally conductive rare earth materials, a Vapor Chamber Cooling (VC), and graphite sheet.

Air volume was increased by 35% and an extra air duct was inserted in the back cover of the phone.

Players will also be happy to know that this flagship phone has a remarkable 165 Hz refresh rate with a 720 Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate for its 6.8 inch AMOLED screen.

Last but not least, Red Magic 7 should do well with intensive games, too, thanks to Qualcomm’s recent Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and tried-and-true shoulder fingers which, the company says, “have been tested to withstand more than two million finger presses”.

Red Magic 7: Price and Red Magic 7 Pro

Starting with March 10, the phone is set to cost:
● Obsidian 12+128 Black – $629 / €629 / £529
● Pulsar 16+256 – $729 / €729 / £619
● Supernova 18+256 – $799 / €799 / £679

And if you were wondering about the Pro version, that should come in Q2 2022. The one thing that will definitely set it apart from its companion is an under display camera but Nubia might have more surprises in store.

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Nubia Red Magic 7 with DTS:X Ultra Announced Globally
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