Truth Social: 5 Reasons Why This New Twitter Won’t Survive

The app of the hour isn’t TikTok or Twitter. In matter of days, a hot new social app has made headlines – Truth Social, a Trump creation. A bold proposition but can it overcome the obstacles and have a future amidst so many similar social media apps?  

It was the night before Presidents Day and one crew was typing furiously, ready to take the tech industry by storm. Nope, it wasn’t some Pied Piper startup but Trump’s media team. The project underway? Truth Social, a jab at Twitter and Facebook after Trump’s famous ban.

Truth Social: Is It Like Twitter?

Not only does Truth Social resemble closely Twitter but the naming throughout the app speaks for itself.

Here, tweets are truths, retweets are re-truths and there’s a truth feed of course.

Truth Social is a self-proclaimed “free from political discrimination” social media app, there to comunicate and have fun. With a political figure behind it that’s all about one truth, that is. 

So why is this new Twitter doomed to fail? Already in the iOS store, it could find its niche and a following. Right?

If it wasn’t so rushed, maybe. However, several things didn’t bode well on the launch day.

Truth Social: App Issues, Security

First, the app drowned in account requests. People were put on waitlists, verification emails failed to arrive, errors after errors occurred. 

Then, people start realizing there was no https security. So every bit of data introduced is visible to others on the network. Maybe truth can’t be private.

Truth Social: 2 Lawsuits and Parler Precedent

But the worst is yet to come: a lawsuit and precedent. 

As most products built in a hurry and without much thought behind it, this one made fatal mistakes. The logo chosen is identical to the logo of a British company that is all about solar and data driven technologies. They could sue in theory or at least get Trump behind close doors for negotiations.

Twitter itself could take legal measures. The theme color of Truth Social is a mix of blue… and red of course. The red checks for verified profiles are the exact same as Twitter’s. And that’s besides the copy-cat interface and Tweet truth feed.

There is also a precedent of similar actions going down the drain. 

Trump’s first attempt to be an influencer – a good old blog – was closed in a month by his team.

There is also the “issue” of App Store. Apple isn’t known to tolerate sketchy, unsafe apps. Parler, another place for extreme right wing views, was removed by Apple for weak policies over removing offensive and illegal content. Trump’s app has been training moderators since its beta phase so it might escape the same that. But that missing https certification isn’t a good sign.

Truth Social: Mastodon Open Source Code

And it’s hard to say where Truth Social draws the line; what it will fight against and consider illegal or offensive and what it’s gonna allow. 

Before launching, Trump’s app already used exact parts of the Mastodon code – open source as it was – but the media agency behind the app was unwilling to share their code in return. That didn’t sit well with the people involved and now Truth Social is embracing open source policies completely.

The past and the present are against Trump’s app… in its current form. But maybe there’s a chance of survival… as a meme app.

Truth Social for Memes

The idea is not that far-fetched considering we do go to social media for fun, not necessarily for the truth. And, David Nunes, the representative at the helm, has been known for wacky initiatives, like suing a cow on Twitter.

Plus, the former President has to have some memes of his own. Why pick a fight when you can go with the flow? Make Truth Social – Meme Social?  

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