LinkedIn Hopes to Outsmart Competition with Podcasts, Not Reels

While most social media platforms are trying to outdo the other with similar video concepts (reels, anyone?), LinkedIn has turned its attention towards podcasts.

The company is debuting a podcast network with shows from the LinkedIn News team as well as renowned professionals.

The topics of the podcasts are business-centric, unsurprisingly. Some of the areas the podcasts will shed light upon are tech, mental health and recruitment.

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn, is expected to co-host a podcast about personal entrepreneurship. The show will be called “The Start-Up of You” and will air this spring.

While this move could put LinkedIn at the table with Apple Podcasts and Spotify in the near future, for now the content produced on the platform will be disseminated to other podcast platforms.

Listeners will be able to check out the talks on LinkedIn, after following the hosts and subscribing to their newsletters.

Will there be ads? Unfortunately, yes. The LinkedIn Podcast Network is going to be ad-supported with Verzion as the initial sponsor.

Its future however is not set in stone as the network is seen as a pilot for the time being.

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LinkedIn Hopes to Outsmart Competition with Podcasts, Not Reels
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