Skip the Meghan Markle Tea & Watch This #Streamland

Wanna hear more about Meghan Markle spilling the tea? 

By this point you’re probably sick of the drama, so Victor has a great idea: unwind with some yummy cooking shows!

In this last Streamland episode, our host went through his TiVo Stream 4K to find you the best shows on streaming apps, from YouTube to Netflix, TiVo+ and beyond.

Grab yourself some dinner and hit play! 

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Streamland transcript below:

A great alternative to the Meghan Markle tea spilling: the best cooking shows you need to stream right now. 

The whole British royalty scandal forced me to go off social and into one of my favorite shows – The Great British Bake Off.

This is exactly the type of show that’s gonna make you reach for some Oreos instead of popcorn. Just nibble some baked goods and watch something chill.

I disagree with the whole Kitchen Nightmares / Master Chef type of shows, where people run around just yelling and looking at the clock. If you’re like me, the always sweet Great British Bake Off is what you need to relax. 

Struggle Meals – Tastemade on TiVo+

If you wanna whip something up tho, this show is what’s up. My TiVo Stream 4K now has Tastemade on it and, thanks to it, I rediscovered Struggle Meals.

Frankie Celenza, the host, has such great energy, and the idea of the show is something we can all get behind – cook great food, really  cheap, without filling the sink with a ton of pots and pans.

Seriously, sometimes you just wanna eat some good pasta without having to borrow an italian grandma…and Struggle Meals has a damn good episode on making it from scratch.

Thanks to Frankie, I made some pretty impressive meals on the cheap – and no, I didn’t just crack an egg in some packet ramen!

I also added some spring onions  and a handful of frozen veggies.

Did anyone say “Gourmet”?

And speaking of struggle cooking, I have another great show you have to add to your list.

Internet Shaquille

I rarely go down the YouTube route when it comes to recommending stuff, but Internet Shaquille is up there with the best when it comes to cooking.

I found him through his “How to stop eating half your money” video and, while I felt really called out, I did hit that Subscribe button.

And you should do it too on this channel, cause it will help me bring you even more awesome videos.

But back to Shaquille.

This dude covers pretty much any topic in the cooking world, from making hummus to tips on how to clean the dishes faster.

If you wanna be real extra in the kitchen, I got a quick tip for you: STEP AWAY FROM THE TASTY VIDEOS. I repeat: PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE AND DON”T DO TASTY VIDEOS.

Instead, let the dude from Binging with Babish be your mentor.

Binging with Babish

This Youtube channel is perfect if you wanna turn binging into an art. The presenter cooks food he saw in TV shows and movies and the variety is just awe inspiring.

Personally, I wouldn’t be bothered to make anything other than the chicken from Breaking Bad’s Los Pollos Hermanos…but I do love eating dinner and watching Babish.

He just posted an episode with a 3 course meal from WandaVision that’s going to make you drool over your plate. And the best part?
Since he’s an amateur, I’d say like half his experiments don’t come out that great, but that’s the fun of it.

If you’re more into the sciencey part of cooking, Netflix has pretty much the alpha and omega in the kitchen.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

The Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat series is an awesome way to understand what type of black magic goes on in the kitchen, turning regular ingredients into delicious meals. 

There’s four episodes – one for salt, one for fat…you see where this goes. This mini-series covers the most important flavors that you should include in your cooking, and goes to some unexpected places. What’s your style of cooking show? Let me know in the comments.

If you’re like me and wanna watch some food in truly exotic locales, no one does it quite like Anthony Bourdain.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

It’s been a while, so I recommend you add his Parts Unknown series to your Tivo…or whatever you use to keep up with your to-watch list. 

Bourdain’s last major show will take you from Libya to Peru, and, if you didn’t catch it airing the first time, give it a chance now – his interview with Obama over some delicious bun cha is the stuff of legends!

Bourdain was famous for showing food that tasted good but didn’t look like a fancy 5 star course…and we should get more of that, don’t you think?

Ugly Delicious

That’s why you should add Ugly Delicious to your watch-list. I almost skipped this one, since I don’t usually go directly on Netflix to watch their stuff, but baby TiVo kept recommending it…So, one dreadful evening when I was too out of it to watch some drama, I gave Ugly Delicious a change.

Chef David Chang is exactly what I needed to scratch the Bourdain itch, since he also travels everywhere to try the local stuff, but be warned! Grab yourself a bucket of something good to eat while watching, cause otherwise you’re gonna spend an hour drooling.

I know I said competitions in cooking kind of suck, but I do have a soft spot for this one show. 

The Worst Cooks in America

The Worst Cooks in America literally does what it says on the box – it brings together some real messes, and tries to turn them into chefs…or at least people who won’t give you food poisoning!

 To be honest, I’d actually love to be featured on it one day…tho like I said, thanks to Tastemade’s stuff on Tivo+, I do think I can whip up some good stuff.

So, what’s your favorite cooking show? And what comfort food do you pick when watching it?

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Catch you next time.

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