Skysense and Avansig Join Forces To Develop Indoor Surveillance Drones

Skysense and Avansig Join Forces To Develop Indoor Surveillance Drones

Credit: Skysense

The two companies have announced they have partnered up to power indoor surveillance drones for Prosegur, a multinational security company.

The surveillance drone can do its own patrol route within a building and is capable of landing itself on the Skysense charging pad in order to recharge. Because the drone is lightweight and fast-charging, it eliminates the need to charge it manually or remove or add batteries.

During the patrols, the drone records and streams in real time and if there are any security threats, it is capable of alerting the security central station.

Credit: Skysense / Vimeo

It’s basically a CCTV camera that has no blind spots. Obviously, it is more desirable than a human guard, because it does not get tired and is fully alert even during graveyard shifts.

Of course, the ever persistent questions remain: who will monitor the drones and how would they deal with privacy?

Drone regulations are not very well set into place so all the questions posed concerning their use versus privacy are starting to become as complex as the drones themselves.

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