Slate Repaper Transfers Your Drawings In Digital Format As You Sketch


Artists are still torn between the paper and their tablets – in a time where we create digitally more often than not, paper drawing seems to be slowly becoming obsolete.

Or is it?

For the artists who can’t decide between the two mediums, iSKIN created the Slate Repaper: a tablet that can digitize your paper drawings, in real time, as they happen. The Repaper is the startup’s 4th generation product and it brings improved pressure sensitivity, among a number of other fixes that set it apart from its predecessors.

How does it work, you ask? Well, for starters I want to tell you that you can use whatever pen you prefer (and I know for a fact most of you artists do have your favorite pen). All you have to do is attach a magnetic ring to it, which will allow the tablet to follow every movement you make on the paper.

The tablet comes with a companion app called Imagink, which is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and PC and offers a number of brushes to choose and play with while actually only using your pen on the paper.

If you have enough of drawing on paper though, you can always switch to the Slate Repaper and use it as your regular drawing tablet just fine. Of course you’d have to use a stylus and the tablet comes with its own – it has 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity too!

You can use the tablet just about anywhere, thanks to the Screenless Mode, which allows you to unplug it from the computer. It will store your drawings on its SD card just fine and it will upload them into the Imagink app when it’s connected again.

The tablet also features four shortcut buttons that you can use to redo/undo, adjust your bush size and, of course, a power button.

If you’re excited to grab the device, you’ll have to be patient: it’s scheduled to launch sometime in September and it will come with a price tag of $200.

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