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Smart Leggings? In The Future, Wearables Will Hide In Clothing

smart leggings

Smartwatches, intelligent pendants and shoes  are some of the #trending wearables of the moment, but who knows what the future holds? Roger Ribas Manero and friends at King’s College London think they do. According to them, embroidered sensors are the next big thing in smart fashion.

They’ve developed intelligent leggings that track muscle fatigue, helping athletes customize their training sessions better. Before this type of clothing, muscle fatigue was difficult to measure. There were just two effective methods known to men – one implied inserting wires into the muscles to monitor electrical stimulation of the nerves and determine the force they can exert; the other one meant using electrodes on the surface of the skin. While the latter was more comfortable for runners, the difficulty resided in keeping the electrodes in fixed positions all the time.


So, the scientists came up with something similar, but more flexible and cheap. They installed in leggings’ cloth electrodes and circuity that are connected with a portable Arduino microprocessor. In this way, data can be collected and analyzed, providing relevant conclusions to runners. The electrodes come in position with the help of a zizag pattern created in the cloth.




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