Smartwatch Made Woman Take 900 ECGs in 1 Year
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Smartwatch Made Woman Take 900 ECGs in 1 Year

Checking your health status via smartwatch is definitely helpful. It’s easy, a no-brainer, really. However, one woman’s smartwatch managed to increase her anxiety with every pushed notification. It got so bad, she actually ended up taking over 900 ECGs in a year!

Diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, a 70-year old woman thought it wise to keep her heart in check with her smartwatch. She started innocently from one ECG reading. In no time, however, the woman became addicted to her wrist device.

In the span of a year, she ended up taking 916 ECG recordings! That’s a crazy amount of testing and tracking!

You want to know what’s the really sad thing? She is not alone. It has actually become a pattern.

Lindsey Rosman, an assistant professor of medicine in the division of cardiology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, said that, “patients with underlying arrhythmias, heart palpitations, or irregular heartbeats were coming into clinic with literally stacks of papers with data from their smartwatches.”

It seems that while smartwatches do help doctors engage cardiology patients, they can also cause more harm than good to worry-warts.

Truth is, the easier it gets to check your health, the more you’ll do it, right?

How much do you rely on your health tracker?

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