Stardew Valley Set To Have Competition With $40,000 Prize Pool

Stardew Valley Set To Have Competition With $40,000 Prize Pool

PC: ConcernedApe

Stardew Valley is set to have its first tournament, complete with missions, challenges, and a $40,000 prize pool.

Developer Eric Barone (ConcernedApe announced on Twitter that he and Stardew Valley stream Zach Hartman (UnsurpassableZ) will be hosting the aptly named Stardew Valley Cup. This tournament will feature teams of four players working together to try to complete the challenges set by Barone and Hartman.

According to Engadget and Kotaku, there will be “more than 100 challenges for competitors to tackle” with varying point totals. These include wining the ice fishing contest (15 points), giving Pam a pale ale (5 points) or giving a loved gift at the special winter event (25 points). Teams will be given three hours to tackle as many challenges as they can to rack up the highest number of points. Given that the game truly has no completion requirement, this seems like the best way to test skill and knowledge.

There will additionally be “five surprise challenges… each of which are worth 50 points,” testing players ability to be flexible.

If you did a double-take at this announcement, we wouldn’t blame you. The beloved indie title known for its deep, nuanced mechanics built on a story about taking life a little slower will have its own fast-paced competition. However, this seems like an exciting and fun way to engage with the game’s massive audience.

The Stardew Valley Cup will air September 4th, 9am PST on UnsurpassableZ’s Twitch channel.

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Stardew Valley Set To Have Competition With $40,000 Prize Pool
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