Snapchat Now Lets You Take More Three-dimensional Selfies


Selfie lovers will now have something to be excited for, as the company released a new camera mode.

The “3D Camera Mode” is designed to make your selfies look more 3D like, and make cool selfies for which you can also feature 3D effects, various filters, and effects like confetti, light streaks, and lots of animations.

By now, iPhone X users, or newer can benefit from the new camera mode, but Snapchar confirmed that it will soon become available on other devices too, according to a company spokesman.

Anyhow, we recommend you to share your 3D selfies on the app, because sharing it outside Snapchat won’t have the same effect, changing the image’s perspective won’t be the case anymore.

Sadly, the same feature is not available on the Android app, maybe giving the fact that they don’t feature the same types of image depth as iPhone models.

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