Snips Offers Seamless Voice Control For The Smart Home

Snips Offers Seamless Voice Control For The Smart Home

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Our homes are getting smarter by the day and there are a lot of companies who want to keep up with the houses of the future and  maybe even change the way we view our home experience as a whole. 

Snips is one of those companies and they have just announced they will be showcasing their latest edge-based solution during IFA 2019.

The company will be demoing the Snipe for Home Appliances during the event – a light-weight and cost-effective voice solution that can be customized to the user’s need to their smart home appliances. The homeowners will be able to use it across numerous types of hardware that range from MCU to MPU by using easy to remember voice commands like “play”, “pause”, “turn on”, etc., all the way up to more natural sentences and questions such as “what time will the roast be ready?”.

The Snips for Home Appliances comes as a pre-packaged software solution that offers a Snips Voice Platform alongside a customized Wake Word that works with either Snips Flow (the company’s natural language voice assistant) or Snips Commands (the simple voice commands interface). 

The devices will receive customized API as well as hardware reference via the Snips partner ecosystem. 

The Snips IFA booth will be showcasing other demos as well. Some of them include a voice-controlled refrigerator that can help the users with their shopping lists, reminders, alarms, timers, weather and even conversions. Aside from the refrigerator, Snips will demo an induction stove that runs on Snips Flow. This stove, as well as the refrigerator are linked via the Snips Satellite, a closed-circuit wireless voice streaming that uses a mesh network to which fuels the voice control capabilities. 

Snips will also demo smart lights, a thermostat and a washing machine. The washing machine uses Snips Commands which allow the users to turn it on via a wake word. 

In the near future, Snips plans to provide their solution to a wide array of different devices that include dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, hoods, cookers, faucets/showers, boilers, trashcans, fans, locks, doors/gates, air conditioners and heaters, air purifiers, blinds, boilers, camera, coffee machines, mops and vacuum cleaners, sprinklers, and many, many more.

I’m actually quite curious to see how ‘smart’ a house can get so I’m looking forward to what else Snips plans to offer not only at the IFA booth but also when it comes to coffee machines, for example, because honestly – who wouldn’t just love to control their coffee machine in the morning just by speaking to it?

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