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Sola Armband Warms You Up When You Most Need It

You’re naturally more sensitive to cold than your co-workers? One way of dealing with it is to cover up until you’re just a big bundle of layers. Another, more discreet method, is using a wearable device. Sola, a smart armband that regulates body temperature drew our attention as it claims to provide up to four hours of continous heat #objectmagic

Sola works by regulating the temperature of the blood. As it flows through your arm, the gadget can warm it up progressively before circulating to the rest of the body. It’s equipped with a 2000 mAh battery that ensures up to 4 hours of heating and a single power button. The armband knows automatically when your body needs warming thanks to dual temperature sensors that collect data and determine, through a special algorithm, how much heat you really need.

The lack of control can be scary but Sola says it has three layers of protection for a safety-first approach. The battery has “built-in current and voltage protection”, there’s a physical fuse that powers off the device if it detects too much current and a monitoring system that shuts down the armband in the case of overheating.

To charge it, simply use its USB connection and then, you can go hiking or even skiing stress and cold-free. The device is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, check it out here.

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Sola Armband Warms You Up When You Most Need It

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