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Solar-Powered Pipe Could End California’s Drought


California’s been like a fish on land since 2014. Facing a severe drought, the Golden State is desperate to find a solution that can quench that thirst. In the 2016 Land Art Generator Initiative, an engineering firm came with the concept of a solar-powered pipe that could desalinate 1.5bn gallons of saltwater annually #todaymagic

Abdolaziz Khalili and Associates, a Canadian engineering firm, came up with the concept at LAGI, an initiative to help the environment with smart devices. They imagined a huge pipe covered in solar panels that would use an electromagnetic filtration system to remove the salt from the water and make it drinkable. This would work since “ninety-seven percent of seawater is pure water and only three percent is dissolved solids. All dissolved solids in water become ionized and can therefore be controlled through electromagnetic energy. “

Solar Powered Pipe for filtering water

This device would provide 10,000 MWh of electricity annually to power that system and would be completely environment-friendly. The city would have pure drinking water through the primary piping grid while the salt water (the remaining clear water with 12% salinity) can work in tandem with thermal baths before going back to the sea.

If Pipe becomes reality it could provide 1.5 billion gallons of clear water to California locals and a place to hang out and take a plunge in one of the thermal pools available.




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