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Sony A9 Is A One-Of-A-Kind Full-Frame Camera With Phenomenal Speed

sony a9 full frame mirrorless

This week, Sony released the most anticipated camera of the year, a full-frame mirrorless. We all knew Sony A9 would be a technical beauty, but Sony defied our expectations by equipping it with remarkable continuous shooting abilities #fotomagic

Sony A9 is a monster of a camera, with a full-frame stacked CMOS sensor (24.2 megapixels). It’s agile as a cheetah, shooting fast-moving subjects at up to 20 fps in a row of  241 consecutive RAWs (or 362 JPEGs). Yowza! Even at this speed, you won’t lose sight of your target, especially when there’s 20x times faster data processing (than the previous Sony mirrorless cameras).

Sony A9 offers 693 phase-detect AF points that cover 93% of the frame. Plus, you can manually and precisely locate your subject thanks to a focus joystick on the back of the device. In the heat of the moment, a super sharp electronic viewfinder will help you frame the action. A9’s EVF is a Quad-VGA OLED Tru-Finder with almost 3,686k dots.

sony A9 back

Another item dedicated to pros who specialize in sports or wildlife photography is the extended battery. This one has 2.2x the capacity of previous Sony full-frame cameras. More time shooting silently even at maximum shutter speed – 1/32,000sec – claims Sony.

Finally, video recording capabilities. Surprisingly, Sony A9 kicks ass in this department as well. After impressing us with its continuous shooting mode, the full-frame mirrorless puts the cherry on top with 6K condensed. In Sony’s words, the “full pixel readout with no pixel binning makes it possible to condense the equivalent of the amount of data required for 6K into 3840 x 2160 4K output. ” Basically, the company says photographers are going to get the sharpest 4K resolution ever. Is that true? Until you test it yourself, see a video sample below:

With 5-axis in-body stabilization, dual SD card slots and ethernet port on top of all that, the camera comes at a pricey cost: $4,500, this May 25th.

Is it worth it? We think so. Sony outdid itself with the A9. The specs are top-notch, giving professional photographers probably everything they could ask for from a photo camera.

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