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Sony IoT Chip Has A 60 Mile Range


Sony has quietly launched a new chip that might just change the way connected devices relay information – the chip can be installed on any IoT object and will be sending data to Sony’s Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) wireless communication standard, Eltres

The chip has been dubbed CXM1501GR, it’s only 16mm x 16 mmm large and it can transmit a 128-signal at up to speeds of 6.35 kbps, even while moving at over 60mph. 

To avoid any issues with interference, the chip repeats every signal four times, just in case there are any variations caused by either a change of direction or just by motion. 

According to Sony, the chip will work in a “broad range of IoT devices, aiming to develop various services making the most of stable wireless communications over long distances and while moving at high speeds, thereby creating a new market.”

The network is capable transmitting as far as 60 miles (100km) and, in addition to that, it can work on high-speed moving objects as well, which means that it opens up the system to a lot of applications in anything from tracking to security. 

Eltres sends out its data via small microchips and antennas, to a base station which can be located, as mentioned before, as far away as 60 miles. If it happens for the data to be destined for a server, the base station doesn’t necessarily need an internet connection. 

So, what can it be used for?

A lot of things. Sony stated, in a ‘use case’ document on the Eltres website that, because the chip is capable of delivering ‘superior communication coverage for tracking services even in mountainous areas“, it can help people find their friends at ski resorts, be used for landslides reports or even the extermination of destructive animals. 

It can also be used for maritime services in addition to trains, buses and even drone monitoring. 

Sony has launched an application program for any companies that might be interested in the chip but, for the time being, the technology seems to only be available in Japan. 


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