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Sony Is Working On Phone-to-Phone Wireless Charging

Sony Xperia Z5 Gold

While some companies are still finding reasons to postpone the release of mobile wireless charging (we’re looking at you, Apple), others have bigger fish to fry. Sony is investigating the possibility of power transfer from phone to phone, no cable required #mobilemagic

A recent patent Sony filed last week  revealed the tech giant’s interest to be one step ahead of the competition with another kind of wireless charging. Sony inventors theorized that a smartphone could draw more than data from a neighboring device – it could even charge itself. By borrowing power from fully charged mobile devices found in its proximity (no distance was specified) such as phones, tablets and home smart objects too, a smartphone could extends its life.

The service would be accompanied by a graphical user interface that simplified he whole process by underlining the available antenna systems and configuring the devices accordingly. Simultaneously, the wireless charging system would enable the two devices to transfer data also.

Granted, this technology is going to make us freak a lot less when we lose our charging cables. But there’s one problem to overcome before going in prototype phase – if it reaches that point- and that is charging the depleted device enough to make it worthwhile without leaving the source completely drained. That’s a dance Sony will have to master if there’s enough market interest.


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