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Samsung Announces The Frame, The Most Slim, Artistic TV You’ve Seen

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Samsung showcased its QLED technology and a special artsy TV in Paris’ Carrousel du Louvre. The new TV is called The Frame, since you can barely differentiate it from a piece of art hanging on a wall #hardwaremagic

Samsung partnered up with Swiss designer Yves Behar to create a large and very slim TV called The Frame. The name says it all. The first time you look at it, you might even fail to notice it’s interactive, that it can be turned on and off. The product was created to seamlessly blend in a stylish apartment or office between other works of art.

In order to do that, once it is turned off, The Frame can go in “Art mode”. This means the screen won’t turn black as you’re used to but it will display a painting of your choice. Samsung has put at users’ disposal more than 100 art pieces in 10 different categories – from landscape to wildlife and architecture. The painting-look is further enhanced by interchangeable bezels that are meant to go with the rest of the frames.

There’s a second mode, too, that uses the motion and light sensors to adjust brightness of the display and even fade to black if it doesn’t detect activity in the room.

The Frame comes with Samsung’ No Gap Wall-mount which gives the impression of having been glued to the wall. The power cable is transparent as well, to maintain the same illusion. Nevertheless, you get a Stand mount if there’s simply no place for it on your wall.

The QLED TV is going to be available this Spring. Price is not available yet.

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