Joto Bot Turns Your Digital Doodles In Always-New Framed Drawings

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Instead of printing a new menu everyday or hanging up your daughter’s latest doodle on the fridge, a creative London design studio, Those, is offering an innovative approach: Joto. Joto is a physical board with robotic arm that takes your digital notes and drawings and puts them in pen and ink where everyone can see them #objectmagic

Those studio developed Joto to be the first connected display that draws with a pen. There’s a single wipe-clean display you can put on your office desk, wall back home or in a meeting office with a robotic arm attached. This one “takes orders” from the companion app, where an user can upload digital content or draw live. In seconds, the arm will begin recreating that design or list on the display, making other see your ideas come to life in real time.

joto app

The best part is that the same arm is in charge with wiping the white board when you want, transforming the illustration or notes in new ones the next day. “Joto is part of a new movement away from the screen. Not because screens are bad but because people are discovering new ways to interact with internet. Joto wasn’t designed to solve a problem per se but instead give people an entirely new way to enjoy digital content through real-life drawings.”, says Jim Rhodes, founder of Joto.

The Beazley Designs of the Year exhibition is closing this Sunday at 6PM | Don’t forget to book your ticket before it’s too late- visit the museum website to find out more. ⠀ ⠀ Don’t forget to catch the #Beazley Public Vote Design of the Year- #Joto @madebythose – the connected display that draws with a pen. Launching on Kickstarter soon, more info at http://joto.rocks⠀ ⠀ Video | Take a look at this tribute to #DavidBowie from the illustrator @quibe ⠀ ⠀ Jonathan Barnbrook’s David Bowie ‘#Blackstar’ album cover (Beazley Graphics Design of the Year) is also on display at the exhibition. ⠀ ⠀ #designsoftheyear #lastchance #booknow #thingstodo #whatson #endingsoon #designmuseum #london #kensington #weekend #beazley #jonathanbarnbrook #illustration #product #creativity #design #innovation #beazleydesignsoftheyear #HighStKen #Quibe #Madebythose @davidbowie #davidbowietribute #davidbowieblackstar #davidbowieart #davidbowiecover

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The masterminds behind Joto think their invention can be used to update a coffee shop’s menu or notes on a meeting board in a stylish, ingenious way. In the same time, it can send messages to loved ones. Indeed, if both you and your friends have a Joto at home, your conversation will appear as it is written on the white display. Plus, the bot integrates with Alexa, drawing after voice command, and connects with various apps like Slack and Trello, Spotify for track information display and even Twitter, when you want to see updates coming to life in analog form.

joto information cafe

If you’re not a master of the digital quill, then you can use Joto as an always-new framed illustration, asking it to recreate works of art from Anthony Burrill, Fred Deakin, Ben the Illustrator and Will Scobie. These have committed to produce 365 unique pieces of art for users, available through the app. After all, Joto was the most appreciated design by the public from the Beazley Designs of the Year in London exhibition.

Those studio’s project can be found on Kickstarter starting today. The early bird backers will be able to have a Joto for themselves at the price of £125 ($153).

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