Google And Vevo Now Let You Watch Videos In Real Time With Friends

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Sharing viral videos in Social Media chats is something some of us do more frequently than we’d like to admit. The annoying part is when those links get lost between words and pictures and you end up talking about the latest sensation alone. To end that cringeworthy feeling, both Google and Vevo have come up with ways to make real time video watching a group activity #videomagic

Area 120, Google’s incubator program for creative employees (similar to Samsung C-Lab initiative), has come up with Uptime. This is an iOS app that lets you search for video content or share your favorite YouTube videos to watch with friends. No matter where they are, they can join the fun and leave comments or reactions. You’ll spot their presence from the avatars floating in the app.

Right now, only US users can download it for free from the AppStore. Ironically, there’s no version for Android yet. What we do hope though is that the feature will be integrated into YouTube in the near future, making it more popular for users who hate switching between apps.

Another way to watch videos with your buddies simultaneously is the feature developed by Vevo and bound to launch by the end of the month. The company has come up with Watch Party, a desktop web function that allows you to invite your mates to a private room where you can all watch and listen to a custom playlist in the same time. You can act as DJ and take full control of the list or let the others suggest music tracks. Those move up the list depending on the number of votes they get.

The great thing is, in this mode, there are no ads! The sad part is there’s no way to hit pause, so if one of you comes late to the party… well, he’s stuck with the song playing then.

To set up a room, you just need a Vevo account – nothing else. When is the mobile version coming? There’s no telling right now.

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