Soon, You’ll Be Able To Breathe Into Your Phone And Get Your Lungs Analyzed


There are no magical pills in this world or arguments to make someone give up smoking if they’re not convinced every cigarette is ruining their health. Of course, anyone can do a spirometer test at the hospital, but how many have the possibility and willingness to do that? Too few to count. So, one team decided to bring the mountain to Muhammad with the SpiroCall #softwaremagic

SpiroCall is a service that allows anyone to check their lung health on the go. No apps needed or special gear; any person can call a 1-800 number and have their lungs checked. They simply have to exhale hard when prompted, in order to empty their lungs of air. The sound is then analyzed at a center and the results are sent as a text message back to the person in case.

This service has enormous potential, if you ask us, simply because it doesn’t require a smartphone or any effort from your part (besides breathing). Any condition that might damage your lungs would come to the surface just by using a test similar to the spirometer one.

“There’s a real need to have a device that allows patients to accurately monitor their condition at home without having to constantly visit a medical clinic, which in some places requires hours or days of travel,” said Mayank Goel, a doctoral student on the project team at the University of Washington.


If your phone’s mic isn’t that great, the team have a solution – a 3D-printed “whistle” that will amplify the sound. Fortunately, we won’t wait long for this technology to get on the market: “We expect to start the formal data collection for the clearance later this year” said Goel.


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