SpaceX Launches The Falcon 9 Again Three Days After The Previous Flight

SpaceX Launches the Falcon 9 Three Days After the Last Flight

Credit: SpaceX

The latest version of the Falcon 9 has been launched just three days ago and Space X already wants to launch another Block 5 booster from California.

So far, SpaceX managed to launch their Block 5’s at two and a half months apart, though the goal is to launch them as soon as 24 hours after. It seems that the company is really pushing towards that final goal at a faster speed than expected.

The company’s next launch will consist of 10 satellites for the sat-phone company Iridium. The mission will mark the seventh collaboration between SpaceX and Iridium.

The Falcon 9 will land on the droneship “Just Read The Instructions”, which is stationed in the Pacific, and SpaceX will attempt to catch the two halves of the fairing with the help of a net mounted on the ship “Mr. Steven”. Success is not guaranteed, since the company failed to recover the fairings in the past.

If you are curious as to how the Falcon 9 will fare this time, you can watch it live from SpaceX’s official YouTube channel below:

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