SpaceX’s Starman Has Now Traveled Beyond Mars


SpaceX has confirmed on Twitter that the Starman dummy and his Tesla Roadster have now passed the Martian orbit.

They have also released a diagram that showcases the duo’s current position, which is one of its biggest distances from the sun with the furthest point to be reached on November 8th at 1.66AU (Astronomical Units), or, in layman’s terms, 155 million miles.

‘Starman’s current location. Next stop, the restaurant at the end of the universe‘, SpaceX states in their Twitter post, a nod to Douglas Adams’ work ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy‘, a book Musk is known to be a fan of. Even the dash of the Roadster has the words ‘Don’t Panic’ across its control panel, a well-known phrase that has graced the cover of Adams’ book series.

Next time we’ll see The Starman and his Roadster close to Earth will be in 2091 and it will be tens of millions of years before the duo will eventually slam into Venus or Earth, with a 6% chance of it hitting Earth and only a 2.5%  chance of smacking into Venus.

The Tesla Roadster and the Spaceman were launched into space as payload for the Falcon Heavy rocket maiden ride in February, also acting as a publicity stunt for Tesla CEO Elon Musk who owned the cosmic Roadster himself.

If you are curious about tracking the space traveler and his ride, you can do so via the Where Is The Roadster website.

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