Spire Introduces Ergo: First Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard With Ergonomic Design


This week, Spire introduced Ergo a new gaming mechanical keyboard with an interesting ergonomic design that is supposed to reduce the strain of long gaming (or typing) sessions.

The keys on it are split in two angled halves, with the most important keys placed in the middle. The spacebar has been split as well, in order for it to fall directly under the thumbs. Needless to say, there is a learning curve to be expected after purchasing the keyboard as Spire took a few liberties when it came to re-arranging the classic QWERTY design.

As any gaming keyboard we’ve seen recently, it features RGB LED keys but they also have Cherry MX mechanical switches, which give the impression that the keys ‘float’ over the frame.

The keyboard completely lacks the numpad, which means it’s tenkeyless. Not something unusual for a keyboard aimed for gaming though.

This is not the first split/ergonomic keyboard we have seen and the users are quite divided (pun unintended!) when it comes to them. It remains to be seen if the majority will be satisfied or if the design will eventually fall into oblivion.

Nonetheless, if you do want to buy it, the keyboard will appear on the market in a short time and it will be priced somewhere at around $80.

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