Spotify Offers First-time Premium Users Three Months Free

Spotify Offers First-time Premium Users Three Months Free

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In order to bring people back on its Premium Subscription service, Spotify has come up with two deals, starting today.

After ‘getting the party started’ with its recently announced Group Session feature that offers Premium Spotify users the chance to take the DJ role and contribute to a live playlist live, the company brings free months of subscription. How?

By signing up starting today through June 30th, users get three months free, on any premium plans including family, student, and individual.

Moreover, those who canceled their individual premium members plan before April 14th, can benefit from a lower price ($9.99) by signing up again.

The deals are meant to help the company assure their subscription revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic, as its most recent earnings report showed that the main source of revenue, ad-supported, fell short and lowered the company’s overall year revenue.

According to the company’s earnings report, the number of users canceling their accounts during the pandemic was increased, but 1 in 6 people who canceled in the US actually cited COVID-19 as a reason, with the promise to come back and renew their subscription once they gain economical safety again.

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