iPhone 12 Pro: All the Camera Specs You Wanted to Know

If you’ve been following iPhone leaks like a hawk, then you know the iPhone 12 Pro models were said to come with a 64MP camera. To be honest, that would make sense when you think of whom they’re competing with: Huawei P40 Pro and Samsung S20 Ultra, two monster phones! But, Apple engineers didn’t feel like they could pull it off.

In their tests, the dual pixel autofocus performed less than ideal so they ditched it and with a heavy heart, turned back to the trusty ol’ 12MP main camera. That’s definitely a bummer and I won’t blame you if you riot but before you do there’s a consolation prize to consider.

In fact, there are several: improved low-light capabilities with EIS and improved white balance, that is going to be really obvious when you start taking portraits. And, by the way, if you love taking portraits, maybe more than any nature shot, then listen to this: iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max could take Portrait Mode videos too, thanks to the new LIDAR sensor.   

The telephoto camera will get new powers too. Imagine 3x optical zoom, instead of just 2x, and night mode skills just like the wide-angle camera has. What about periscope? Sorry guys, just like the 64MP lens, this is not in the cards this time around. Most likely, we’ll see it happen when the 2022 models arrive.

Oh, and we also heard miniLED technology is not coming to Apple devices, either. Not this fall, so we’ll probably see it next year. 

But let’s go back to “improvements”, that’s the keyword here after all. You can expect better, improved Smart HDR, digital zoom – from 10x to 30x, and everything audio: beamforming, mic clarity, the works.

Face ID will also track facial features better and might even work in all orientations. This means when you lay down and keep your iPhone vertically, you’ll still be able to unlock it with your face. And the tech has been shrunk – so much, that you’ll see a visibly slimmer notch. 

Interested in the hardware? That’s not as thrilling as camera features, true, but it’s the backbone of any phone. The latest chip from Apple, the A14, will give life to all four new iPhones. However, only the Pro versions will count on 6GB of RAM, the other two running on 4GB.

5G will be spread on all iPhones like peanut butter on toast, but the basic iPhone 12 models will have the mid-band version, and the Pro will get the newest millimeter wave tech.

Watch the video above for price rumors and other leaked specs!

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