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Spy glasses and Smartwatches, Used To Get Students In Medical School


This is what we call cheating #LikeABoss.

Several students in Thailand tried to get their way into Rangsit University using hi tech tricks. In a James Bond kind of move, they emptied their pockets on spy glasses and smartwatches that could deliver perfect results on their admission tests at the College of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Pharmacy. #objectmagic

Unfortunately for them, a couple of inspectors saw the suspicious moves and days later, Arthit Ourairat, dean and president of Rangsit University, showed the proof on Facebook:




“This was the most high-tech exam cheating system I’ve ever seen,” Ourairat told the Manager. Why did the dean say that? It wasn’t just a matter of having the right wearables at the right time, but the whole strategic process was one for the books.

The students who wanted in payed proxies to attend the exams. Equipped with glasses embedded with cameras, they took photos of the exam sheets and left after the minimum time allowed to take the tests – 45 minutes. Outside the examination room, they met another person who emailed the photos “to one or more tutorial schools.” Once the tutors solved the problems, they sent the answers on students’ smartwatches, who were also in the room and had 2.15 hours left to present the papers.

It was a team effort truly… but ended badly for everyone, innocent and guilty. The cheating students have been “blacklisted” since, no longer being allowed to apply for a place at the University and the preliminary tests were disqualified completely so the innocent ones spent 3 hours for nothing.

As for how much money did the tutors receive to take such a risk… it seems that they only got the deposit, worth $1,420. If the scam worked, they would have gotten richer with $22,714!


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