Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

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We’ve already had our hands on the Resident Evil 2 remake and if this proves to be the year or classic game remakes, we’re not going to stand against anyone making them, especially since they all are more than beloved titles and what classic game collection would be complete without Final Fantasy VII?

Square Enix has been teasing the Final Fantasy VII remake for a long time (since 2015, to be more exact) and, in a move that hit some of us straight in the childhood, the company released a new gameplay trailer during Sony’s State of Play presentation, that took place on Thursday.

The trailer doesn’t necessarily offer a lot of information, it’s just a quick glimpse of what we can expect and Gamespot said that the trailer is mostly made out of scenes from the first bombing mission.

Even so, we can now finally see the characters on screen looking as they did in the official artworks and not as just some pixelated, building block-like figures.

The gameplay footage looks pretty sleek too and we can catch a glimpse of the game’s very first boss, Guard Scorpion and, of course, the lady of the series, Aerith.

In spite of having released the trailer, Square Enix didn’t say much about when the remake itself will be released but let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that 2019 will be the magical year when it all happens.

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