Some Tesla Performance Models Do Not Work At Full Capacity Anymore


According to a report from Electrek, a number of Tesla Performance owners have complained that their vehicles do not operate at full power anymore, after Tesla pushed an update earlier this year that removed the features which enabled the car to access the full power output.

To fully grasp on the problem, we need to take a ride into way-back machine when one of the first issues of this kind rose its head from the pile of numerous problems the Tesla Performance battled with.

Sometime in 2016, when the drivers pushed their vehicles into ‘Ludicrous Mode’ or used ‘Launch Mode’ repeatedly, the cars lost power. Later on, it was revealed that Tesla itself limited the power output because the features had a negative effect on the cars, if it was used too often.

Like other automakers, our performance vehicles continually monitor the condition of various components and may employ limiting strategies to reduce fatigue on the powertrain.” A Tesla spokesperson told Electrek back then, when the issue first made the headlines.

Tesla removed those limitations with an update that followed in 2017 but followed it with a statement that said the “reductions had been in place to proactively protect the powertrain from wear and tear. lnstead, we will monitor the condition of the powertrain and display an alert if service is needed so we can take proactive steps, such as by replacing parts if necessary, to maintain the vehicle’s performance.”

To make fun of the situation, alongside the new update, Tesla also introduced the ‘I want my Mommy’ warning box, that asks the drivers if they really want to push the car to its limits, limits which might cause ‘accelerated wear of the motor, gearbox and battery’.

In spite of the warning, Tesla finally allowed the drivers to access the full power of their vehicles again, but only if Launch Mode and Max Battery Power Mode were both on.

Fast forward to 2019 and the Tesla Performance owners find themselves facing the same problem. According to them, after Tesla pushed a software update in March, both Launch Mode and Max Battery Power Mode features have completely disappeared.

When they took their cars to get checked, the service centers didn’t really have an answer and told them that what they were experiencing was a bug and they did not have any software that could fix the issue.

A Tesla Performance owner told Electrk that he updated his firmware via an over-the-air update, from 2018.50.6 to 2019.12.1.1, on April 30th and that, after the update his vehicle “no longer enabled launch mode. Instead I get an error which states “both pedals pressed”. This can most likely be attributed to the fact that a sub-screen to enable “max battery” does not come up when moving the drive mode slider to ludicrous plus. Additionally, the vehicle used to turn on fans to heat the battery to proper temperature upon selecting max battery and now the fans do not turn on, even when the slider is on Ludicrous plus.

Thanks to Tesla’s previous history with maximum power outputs, some owners are convinced that the company hasn’t simply made a mistake and intentionally removed the features.

When Electrek contacted Tesla, they were told that Launch Mode and Max Battery Power Mode had been ‘inadvertently’ removed and that they still looking into the issue.

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