Stadia Connect Brings Info on New and First On Stadia Games

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Yesterday, Google held a Stadia Connect. The form, popularized by Nintendo Direct, offered the Stadia team an opportunity to share to share updates about the game streaming platform to fans. Without further ado, here’s what the Stadia team had to share.

EA Partnership

Google Stadia and EA have partnered to bring EA games to the platform. The games include Jedi Fallen Order (coming in the Fall), Madden NFL and FIFA. More news about this partnership and other EA games coming to the platform, however, will be announced later this year.

Free Games with Stadia Pro

Although not new news, the Stadia team did want to remind everyone watching that Google Stadia Pro is currently free for a two-month trial period (or two-month extension for Pro users) given the pandemic.  

However, new free Stadia Pro games will be released in May. The Turing Test, Steamworks Heist, and Zombie Army Dead War 4 will be available for Stadia Pro members for free in the coming days.

First on Stadia Games

Creating exclusive partnerships with studios for either only-on or first-on Stadia games is an important step in creating and maintaining a userbase. The Stadia Team announced several games it marked as first on Stadia:

Crayta is a game about creating games and sharing with friends. Similar to Dreams in that regards, it appears (based on the trailer) that Crayta will have a UI easy enough for anyone to pick up but allow for more complex approaches to game creation using a coding interface. Crayta will be available on Stadia this summer.

Wave Break is a game that takes the fun stylings of a skateboarding game but instead, focuses on boats. That is, riding waves, doing tricks, and more all add your score total similar to how you might imagine a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game might be like if it were on water. Wave Break releases on Stadia in the summer.

Get Packed turns moving out into a hectic, co-op experience. While some tasks seem like the normal house cleaning, others have you stealing from banks and museums. Get Packed is out now.

Other new games coming to (or currently available) the platform include:

  • Doom Eternal
  • PUBG
  • Octopath Traveler
  • Rock of Ages III: Make & Break
  • Embr (Early access May 21st)

The next Google Stadia Connect is scheduled for the summer.

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