Standardized Wireless Electric Car Chargers, Available This Year

Standardized Wireless Electric Car Chargers, Available This Year

Wireless chargers are becoming common in the mobile landscape. No more wires, no more outdated ports. But how many wireless car chargers have you heard of, in the booming electric car industry? Probably not so many. However, this year the portable, wire-free chargers are about to become a reality.

A concept BMW has presented three years ago could turn into a viable solution today. The Society of Automotive Engineers Wireless has decided to standardize electric car chargers this year. The organization has been working on an universal standard and it seems the results will come out this 2020.

The BMW concept has definitely been a starting point for these devices. Most of them will borrow the form factor – a pad that can go under the car and provide it with the green energy needed. No need to plug it in. In BMW’s example, the car had to be parked atop it, the ignition shut off and the process started automatically.

The portability of the pad meant you’d be able to install it just as well at home, in the garage, or at work. By standardizing it, these facilities will be accessible to a large number of electric cars, simultaneously.

But one problem remains – just as with the conventional electric chargers, these pads will have to be approved by municipalities, as part of the new infrastructure. The standard will have to pass their scrutiny and then the budget needed to take this leap will have to be approved. Easier said than done, folks.

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