Star Wars: Project Porg Cuteness Coming To Magic Leap One Soon

project porg

Those who tuned in to Magic Leap’s developer conference last year might remember an extremely cute AR app: the Project Porg from ILMxLAB.

The app promised to be a Star Wars-themed Tamagotchi-like game where you could befriend and take care of a few porgs, under the loving instructions of C-3PO. It also promised to launch as a free download in December 2018 but that obviously did not happen, with no reason given by Magic Leap or ILMxLab.

Now, both companies are starting to tease an imminent launch.

When that launch will happen remains to be seen but fans should definitely keep an eye on this project.

The Project Porg is not just about cuteness: it also has the original voice actor for C-3PO, Anthony Daniels, back to resume his role.

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