State of Play Focused on Third-Party Releases for PS4 and PS5

State of Play Focused on Third-Party Releases for PS4 and PS5

While many are excited for more news on PlayStation 5, there’s still three to four months left of exciting PlayStation 4 games. In PlayStation’s August 6th State of Play, the company went through several of those releases as well as some information on already released PlayStation 5 games.

Without further ado, here’s everything announced at the State of Play:

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

Although previously announced, there were still many questions about what the game would look like years after the original trilogy. Fans will be excited to know the game is still focused on its legacy of hardcore platforming. Although many elements are taken from the original games, there will be new platforming challenges like wall running, rope swinging, and rail riding. Quantum masks also add new platforming elements like flipping gravity, slowing down time, and phase shifting.

Additionally, the development team made sure to bring out the charm and personality of each. Not only will players be able to play as Crash, Coco, and Neo Cortex, but for they will also be able to play as Dingodile. Characters will have many different skins to play as. Good news: the skins will be earned through challenges and gems, not microtransactions

Finally, the developers added an “Inverted Mode.” This mode is a different take on challenge mode as each level isn’t simply harder but a completely different way of experiencing the level. Each level will have a different challenge and art style. That challenge may be a perspective shift, a different end goal to the level (one level shown was coloring) and more.  

The Pathless

The Pathless is an open world mythic adventure game, set in vast forest. You play as a hunter who travels around a cursed land with their eagle companion. By shooting talismans, the hunter can move around with the fluidity of the protagonist in Journey.

To progress the story, the protagonist has to free the land of its cursed spirits. To defeat these spirits, you use the same movement mechanics. What might appeal to players is that the game focuses less on precision as the arrows lock onto the talisman and spirit.

The Pathless will release on PlayStation 5 this holiday.

The rest of the games announced are as follows:

·      Hitman III (VR Mode enabled for all three games)

·      Braid Anniversary Edition (2021)

·      Spelunky 2 (September 15, 2020)

·      Genshin Impact (Autumn 2020)

·      Aeon Must Die (2021)

·      Anno Mutationem (December 2020)

·      Bugsnax (Holiday 2020)

·      Vader Immortal (August 25, 2020)

·      Control: Awe (Expansion 2, August 27th)

·      Autochess (October 31st)

·      The Pedestrian (January 2021)

·      Hood: Outlaws & Legends

·      Temtem (2021)

·      Godfall

Although we still await news on the PlayStation 5’s release date and price, these third-party game announcement should hold many over until then!


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