Stay Sharp! LG V10 Boasts LifeFocus, FotoNation’s Face Detection Auto Focus

Lg V10

LG is covering all grounds, from surprising designs with modular functionality to embedded, state-of-the-art technologies. The LG V10™ comes with a lot of camera power, boasting the fastest and sharpest AF solution for detecting faces from FotoNation.

If you bought the LG V10 and have been savoring every bit of sharpness in portrait photography since, you have FotoNation’s LifeFocus to thank for. Equipped with this technology, “the best smartphone camera we’ve ever used”  takes high quality, in-focus photos, in any light condition, helping you to get digitally the image you see with the naked eye (and more). About their collaboration with LG, Sumat Mehra, senior vice president of marketing and business development at FotoNation, has stated:

We pride ourselves on our industry-leading image quality and are pleased to have collaborated on the feature-packed LG V10, enabling advanced auto-focus capabilities that deliver high quality and speed

Indeed, LifeFocus’ FDAF (face detection auto focus) works with advanced AF systems to focus fast and accurately on people’s faces in a given photo. This way, you will get a memorable group photo of your friends, be it at a wedding on a cloudy day or at an evening reunion. The advanced face detection and tracking technologies also ensure that distance is not a problem; you can take perfect, sharp pics no matter where your subjects are.

Soon, we won’t need professional photographers for every special ocassion. YOU will be able to capture every beautiful moment with your smartphone camera.

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