Stephen Hawking’ Legacy Is A Paper That Could Prove The Existence Of Parallel Universes

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The multiverse theory could be proven thanks to renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. Less than two weeks before his death, Hawking and physics professor Thomas Hertog submitted their co-authored paper “A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation.” In this paper, they laid the groundwork for a deep-space probe that has the potential to find evidence for the multiverse theory and even discover a parallel universe. #todaymagic

Stephen Hawking passed away last week at the age of 76. Despite his long life battle with ALS, Hawking never ceased working on uncovering as much of the mysteries of the universe as we can. With this paper, Hawking demonstrates that if parallel universes did exist, they would be measurable in background radiation that date to the beginning of time. The tool capable of picking up said radiation is a deep-space probe with an assortment of sensors.

After it is properly reviewed in the following weeks, finished paper will be published by a “leading journal.” Such an astounding discovery would surely be worthy of a Nobel Prize. However, the Nobel Prize Committee does not award Nobel Prizes posthumously. Regardless, Stephen Hawking remains an incredibly influential figure and will truly be missed.

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