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Steve Jobs Watch Can Be Yours For Less Than $200

steve jobs watch
credits: Matthew Yohe

Steve Jobs’ iconic watch from the 1984 Norman Seeff picture is returning to the market in Spring. Japanese watch maker Seiko is going to release the limited edition wristwatch for less than $200 #objectmagic

In 1984, Steve Jobs posed for the camera in his Woodside, California house for what would become later a TIME magazine cover. He was sitting cross-legged on the wooden floor with Macintosh on his lap, gazing straight at the lens. The minimalist black and white portrait where Jobs was dressed in jeans and black turtleneck shirt became iconic of the Apple leader. It was the essence of minimalism, downright to his wristwatch. The simple, sleek design of the accessory was the essence of Steve Jobs and after his death, the original watch was sold for $42,500. 

The interest in such a symbolic piece made manufacturer Seiko decide to relaunch the black wristwatch. Two versions of the Chariot watch are going to sell only in Japan, I’m afraid. One will keep the 33mm original size while the second will go for a bigger 37.5mm case. There are also going to be two watch face models, one black, the other one white. The limited series means a strict number of products available: 1,982 units with white dial and just 300 with a black one.

The best thing? Price. Unlike the original watch, which cost a lucky buyer more than forty thousand dollars, these ones will come at 20,000 YEN, that’s about $178/piece. The worst thing? The watch is going to sell only in Japan so if you really want one, it’s time to make use of your connections.

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