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PLEN Cube Is Your Personal Photographer and Voice-Activated Assistant

plen cube robot assistant

When life gets out of control even with all the devices you’re using to manage it, an assistant is a welcomed addition. Since you’re not a celebrity, a human being paid on the hour is an unrealistic prospect but a tiny cube that follows you around, isn’t. PLEN cube takes pictures on command and controls your home devices like it’s nobody’s business #objectmagic

PLENGoer Robotics from Japan “gave life” to a 3-inch cube with the sole mission of helping human beings. PLEN cube has the technology to receive voice, gesture and smartphone-commands, to work as a hub for your home devices and even shoot photos and videos so you don’t have to. To enable the Full-HD camera, you simply have to talk to it; it will use motion tracking and face tracking to keep your face in focus and record videos or photos while you’re on the go. This means you can skate, dance and vlog stress-free. You won’t need a remote to activate the camera from afar or a photographer to take your pictures.

Selfies, short videos, even panoramas can be uploaded instantly on social media through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Not fond of photo shoots and selfies? You can still use this robotic assistant to tell you the weather, send notifications and keep track of your schedule and reminders. After setting the maker and model of your other devices in the companion app, PLEN cube should be able to take over and manage all of them.

Gestures work as well as speech, according to the makers, so there are several ways of keeping in touch with your assistant. Oh, and the conversation goes both ways. PLENGoer Robotics has enabled the cube to send information of its own. When you speak, it’s going to face you, looking completely focused and professional. If you’re giving it a harder task, PLEN cube might nod its “head” while thinking of a way to solve it.

That’s not all. The creators have prepared it for other usual social cues such as a customary shake upon waking up or a slow dance in the rhythm of the music you’re listening to. Speaking of music, this little guy is capable of playing soundtracks too and make all sorts of connections via IFTTT (if this then that).

Designers and developers can make further tweaks so customization is not just possible, but welcomed. Check out all the features on its Kickstarter page.

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