Streets Burn and Get Flooded in Snapchat’s Latest AR Lenses

Snapchat’s latest lenses help you turn ordinary streets in your city in calamity-ridden zones.

Bubblin lava or reflective water are the latest ground replacement lenses Snapchat created using machine learning and segmentation technology. By isolating ground objects from contrasting backgrounds, the two lenses can realistically add fire and water to dry, regular pavement.

To help reduce that artificial feeling, the lens adds heat haze, smoke and marticles to mask the edges of the areas where it adds lava. The effect is pretty cool, despite the yellow caution signs that it automatically adds and that are pretty distracting, to be honest.

Unfortunately, these weren’t made available to the public yet. Considering how well the final results turned out, I don’t think they’ll wait for much longer to do so. Especially since once they’re out, the effects will be run in real time on mobile devices, making this tool quite attractive to end users.

Not to mention how fast and lag-free the tool will become, as Verizon helps the company use their 5G network.

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