Sustainable Tech: Impossible Pork Now, Impossible Duck Next?

The most charming exhibitor at CES, that had everyone wrapped around its fingers? Definitely Impossible Foods. I mean, great food is the way to men’s hearts. Especially when the men in question have to spend hours upon hours standing up or running around the show floor for business. But why did Impossible Foods decide to come to CES? And what is the Impossible Pork like? We found out at a quick, after-hours chat with Esther Cohn.

In Esther’s eye (and the company’s as a whole), showing up at CES is a natural step. Sustainable food making by eliminating the animal factor during processing can’t be done without cutting-edge tech.

Their entire business is based on genetically engineering heme, the molecule that gives meat its aroma when cooked. The scientists at Impossible Foods are constantly refining the process of making soybean leghemoglobin, which is the protein most similar with the one that heme comes from.

This technological process for a more sustainable life is just as important as other tech processes used for better health and wellness. Especially since, as Esther reiterated, the products from Impossible Foods, like the Impossible Burger, are not just suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet. Nope, their purpose is to do more than that, provide alternatives for meat-lovers in a way that is environmentally friendly.

Impossible Pork is the company’s latest way of doing exactly that. The “meatless” meat was introduced at CES as an option for your breakfast sausage, sausage links or dumpling.

After being tested among visitors for the entire duration of the tradeshow, one thing’s clear: it’s bound to be a success just like the Impossible Burger. At least, judging after the impossibly long waiting lines we’ve seen there just to get a bite of the new product.

What does Impossible Foods have lined up next? Replicating the taste of even more types of meat, like chicken. Could duck be in the cards? Yue hopes so.

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