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Suunto 9 Smartwatch Keeps GPS Going for 120 Hours on a Charge

suunto 9
source: Facebook/Suunto

What’s the one thing you’re hoping for when you go camping or on a long hike? For God’s sake, that your phone or smartwatch don’t die! Unfortunately, most devices run out of battery life after a couple of hours of use. But Suunto 9 wants to be different, claiming it can keep GPS tracking on for up to 120 hours!

This smartwatch comes not with multiple camera modes, but smart battery modes that can ensure tracking works right for five days. Users can choose between performance, endurance, and ultra modes to fit their needs and rely on smart reminders to charge their device in time for their next adventure.

Suunto 9 also counts on a proprietary FusedTrack algorithm to estimate distance accurately. With the Suunto app installed, owners can also check notifications, answer calls, enable a compass, barometer or more than 80 different sports modes.

That’s not all. The watch can be safely taken underwater as well, with an up to 100 meters resistance. If you want to keep track of your heart rate, there’s an optional belt accessory available.

The smartwatch makes say their creation is compatible with communities like Strava, MapMyFitness, and TrainingPeaks.

Suunto 9 in Baro black or white costs around $600 and will start shipping on June 26.

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