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Tag Heuer Kingsman Edition Is Every Android User Dream

kingsman tag heuer watch

Tag Heuer’s latest smart luxury watch caught the attention of filmmakers. In fact, the Connected Modular 45 will be featured in Kingsman: The Golden Circle and starting this July, will be available for purchase by Android users who love to invest in luxury tech gear #objectmagic

A couple of months ago, Tag Heuer announced the regular Connected Modular 45 smartwatch and let me tell you… it was a sight to behold. Even then, the luxury wearable was on many’s wishlists. With Intel tech, water resistance, good battery life and the possibility of customizing it completely, being modular, the watch was a catch. But now, the company is making it even more appealing for Android users by adding striking details.

tag heuer kingsman

The Kingsman edition is fit for the Harry Hart or Eggsy in you. It has rose gold lugs and a matte body, with two straps available – one made from Alcantara leather in an orange hue, the other crafted from classic leather, in lux brown.

Of course, you can see the Kingsman signature all over it; first, the logo can be easily seen on the back, then the front showcases the same logo, upturned. Tag Heuer threw in a cute animation, too, that pops out every time the hands hit 10:10.

If you get tired of it, you can swap it with a mechanical version, no questions asked. As great as that sounds, there’s a caveat – the high price. The luxury watch brand is selling the Connected Modular exclusively on Mr. Porter website, at 3,100 British pounds ($3.650).

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