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Sci-Fi Lashes, The Surprising Wearable Everyone Wants

f lashes

The wearable market gets more and more interesting, as it keeps blending effortlessly with fashion. We’ve seen our fair share of curious wearables, like the fashionable ripple gadget as well as the more office-appropriate privacy mask, but these lit lashes people take the cake #objectmagic

F.lashes is the newest accessory people are going crazy over on Kickstarter. With 10 more days to go until their crowdfunding phase ends, the team behind the product (Tavey Designs) has managed to raise $105,008. That’s more than twice their initial goal: $40.000. So, what makes these false lashes so special?

Well, they’re covered with a series of LED lights that flash when you move. Of course, there’s a limited set of light patterns – five – that you can choose from to express emotion. As exciting as that sounds if you’re a performer, make-up artist or simply into the club scene, the lashes are not wireless. Yep, they come with a thin wire that needs to stay connected to a control unit that attaches to the back of your head. It can be somewhat concealed with hair clips but I can’t imagine it’s very comfortable.

F.lashes come with a small battery that lasts about five hours before it needs to be replaced. Although putting an electronic device so close to your eyes might seem dangerous, the team says the product doesn’t give off any heat and the LED lights can’t blind you.

F.lashes cost $40/pair with remote controller included and are expected to ship starting January 2018.

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