Tech Conference Canceled Because the Organizer Was Caught Inventing Female Speakers for “Diversity” Purposes

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Sometimes reality can be stranger than fiction, as this recent diversity scandal reveals.

We thought the future would be like Blade Runner but it’s infinitely more stupid than that, and this 404 Media report confirms this yet again.

The organizers of Devternity, an online conference for developers that went all-in on “diversity”, were caught inventing female speakers, with auto-generated details to create convincing profiles.

Engineer Gergely Orosz took to X, formerly Twitter, to announce that he discovered Devternity made up two of its speakers, both of them supposed engineers at cryptocurrency platform Coinbase.

His initial Tweet was tantalizing enough and he continued posting more details about his accusations. His Linkedin post and this 404 Media report show how DevTernity has a history of making up women to meet diversity quotas.

The best part?

Eduard Sizovs, the event organizer, did admit to inventing one speaker and leaving her up on the side, but he claimed he did so just as a placeholder for building the Devternity website. The problem?

The fake Coinbase employee Natalie Stadler was on the site and listed as a speaker for the past three years.

After most of the real Devternity speakers pulled out of the event, Sizovs followed up with a dramatic Tweet pulled right out of the far-right playbook of victimization, blaming cancel culture for his situation.

“I said it was a mistake, a bug that turned out to be a feature. I even fixed that on my website! We’re cool? Nooooo, we want blood! Let’s cancel this SINNER!

The amount of hate and lynching I keep receiving is as if I would have scammed or killed someone. But I won’t defend myself because I don’t feel guilty. I did nothing terrible that I need to apologize for,” he wrote.

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