Tesla Driver Pulled Over For Having A “Computer” On The Dashboard

Credit: Tesla

Everyone knows you’re not allowed to drive while staring at your phone, not to mention having a computer on your dashboard and that is precisely why a Tesla Model 3 owner was stopped by an officer.

Just to remind you, the Tesla Model 3 keeps all of the car’s information and controls on a touchscreen fitted close to the steering wheel. The screen is quite large and it sticks out to be honest, so it’s not a stretch of the imagination why someone would mistake it for a laptop screen for example.

Jon Hall, the Tesla Model 3 owner, initially assumed the officer was just joking when he was told that he was not allowed to have his computer mounted ‘on there’, before he realized the man was actually quite serious.

Credit: Jon Hall / YouTube

Hall went on to explain to the officer that the screen comes with the car itself and showed him how the touchscreen controlled most of the vehicle’s functions. Eventually, Hall was let go when the officer realized his mistake.

The interaction is both funny and interesting because it makes you wonder how will we adapt to technology in the future as we keep adding more and more of it to our vehicles and what other misunderstandings will happen until we become familiar with it. Hopefully they will all just be honest, funny mistakes.

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