Tesla Outsells The Biggest German Carmakers In Europe

Tesla Outsells The Biggest German Carmakers In Europe

Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla has been showing its popularity in U.S. so far, but now the company is outselling the biggest German carmakers at home. #automagic

Elon Musk’ company has outsold veteran automakers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volkwagen Group (Audi). German’s Big Three were “beaten”  at home, in Europe after Tesla’s Models S found its way to customers’ hearts. The car competed against Mercedes S class and BMW7 and, surprisingly or not, won the contest.

By how much, you ask? Well, in 2017 Tesla registered 16,132 Model S cars sold, which is an increase of 30% in sales. By comparison, Mercedess S sles grew with 3%, registering 13,359 units sold while BMW7 lost terrain, customers opting for 11,735 cars all year long.

It’s abundantly clear that drivers are starting to go to the electric side. The trend hasn’t escaped governments’ eye; in Europe, UK and France are planning to ban all petrol and diesel cars by 2040 with China determined to do the same in the next decade. In US, General Motors have said goodbye to their diesel car line.

With Jaguar planning to unveil its first full-electric model next month and Porsche doing the same with Mission E, a Model S, rival towards the end of the year, it’s clear that carmakers will have to ditch their old practices and embrace an electric future. If not, chances are young companies like Tesla will take their place and rewrite the world’s automotive map.

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