Tesla Releases Sentry and Dog Mode Updates To Its Vehicles


Tesla has now officially introduced new modes for its electric vehicles today. The first one is “Dog Mode”, which aims to keep your pet as comfortable as possible, if you have to leave them unattended in the vehicle.

This mode will keep the cabin at a comfortable temperature via a “Dog” climate button in the fan display. Too keep any eager savior from breaking your car window to save your pet, the temperature will also be clearly displayed on the car’s internal screen.

Tesla thought about everything, it seems: if the car’s battery goes down to under 20%, while the vehicle has the “Dog Mode” activated, it will send a notification on your phone.

The “Sentry Mode” on the other hand will monitor the vehicle’s surroundings when it’s parked and locked. This mode will make use of the car’s cameras to detect any threats. If it does, it will quickly alert the owner via the mobile app.

In addition to that, if the car senses any damage, such as a broken window, it will activate the alarm, turn the music at full volume, light up the internal screen to maximum brightness and save a recording of everything that happened up to ten minutes before the alert was sent.

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