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The Tesla Roadster That Will Go In Space Playing David Bowie

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In early December, Elon Musk revealed his plans for the maiden flight of the Falcon Heavy, Falcon 9‘s bigger, stronger brother. He already provided an awesome animation, which we covered here.
The company wants to send the Falcon Heavy into Martian orbit from the same launch pad used by Apollo 11. Not to be too romantic or dramatic or anything, Musk also said the Falcon Heavy will have on board his personal cherry red Tesla Roadster. And that the car would be playing David Bowie’s Space Oddity.
Today, we have pictures of the gorgeous space-bound Tesla Roadster. As Musk took to Twitter to point out a few weeks ago, if all goes well, the Tesla Roadster will remain in deep space for a billion years. Space oddity, indeed.

For more images of the Tesla Roadster on the Falcon 9, head over to Elon Musk’s Insta account. For more SpaceX, here is the full stream of the 18th successful launch the company had this year, a new record.

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