Tesla solar tiles

Here Are Tesla’s New Solar Roof Tiles

Pretty, aren’t they? Elon Musk unveiled them at Universal Studios, LA, making several attendees check them out twice to make sure those were indeed glass tiles with solar cells and not shiny traditional ones. #todaymagic

Musk’ plan worked; people got the chance to see exactly how solar roofs will look good in the neighborhood. A couple of houses on Wisteria Lane – the same set you saw in “Desperate Housewives” – were revamped with the new solar roofs (which look very similar to conventional ones). That was done by using different textures – from Tuscan glass to smooth glass.

Fortunately, the camouflage will also help you keep a much-needed level of privacy. See, there’s a special coating that allows sunlight to come in the house but shields the interior from ground level. The amount of transparency you perceive depends on the viewing angle. As for resistance, Musk says that these solar panels have “a quasi-infinite lifetime”, demonstrating through a drop test they don’t shatter very easily.

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla’s home battery, Powerwall, was also updated. Now, it has the shape of a flat white rectangle that can ensure 14kWh of storage with 7kWh peak power draw for $5.500. It’s enough to provide light for four bedrooms/day.

These two products are meant to work together for a sustainable living. During the day, solar panels generate and store light, while after dark the battery kicks in.

This November, we’ll see if Tesla and SolarCity, which has been its partner in all this affair, will merge thus providing you with an entire green living.

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Here Are Tesla’s New Solar Roof Tiles
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