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Xiaomi Mi VR Costs Only $30

Xiaomi MI VR

Xiaomi’s week of reveals is about to end. After unveiling Mi Note 2 and Mi Mix, the Chinese company brought to the table an extremely affordable and therefore extremely appealing Mi VR headset #realitymagic

Unlike the Mi VR Play, this headset is both intuitive and suitable for their premium smartphones. Mi VR works with Mi 5 and Mi 5S & 5S Plus, not to mentions the latest Mi Note 2. It has 16ms ultra-low latency, a hardware motion sensor inside and comes with a 9-axis motion controller for smooth, enjoyable game sessions. No more getting dizzy while you chase villains around and jump off buildings.


Speaking about games and VR experiences, you don’t have as much content to choose from as if you were playing with a Gear VR. Once you put that headset on, you have to go straight to the Xiaomi app store, where so far about 30 apps and 500 videos are waiting for you. The good news is developers have been waiting for an opportunity to put their ideas in virtual reality. Now, about two hundred of them are committed to creating apps for the store.

As for design, well, let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. Xiaomi Mi VR looks very similar to the Playstation VR headset, yet unlike that one, it will sell for much less. Just in China, the headset will go on the market for $30.

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