Tessera Completes DTS Acquisition To Emerge As Audio & Vision Powerhouse

Tessera Technologies, Inc. announced its intention of acquiring one of the biggest players on the audio market, DTS, in September. Now, DTS and Tessera are part of the same company, renamed Tessera Holding Corporation. This strategic move is going to allow them to develop an integrated platform of smart enabled technologies for the end-consumer #todaymagic


In the first quarter of 2017, the new company Tessera Holding Corp. will change its “face”, from name and stock ticker to brand and logo. From now on, the combined companies’ shares will trade on the NASDAQ under Tessera’s ticker symbol TSRA.

The new team of brilliant engineers is set to have more resources than ever before to develop sight and sound solutions for mobile devices, consumer electronics but also auto systems and cars. About 450 engineers will work together from now on; they include computational imaging experts from FotoNation and specialists in semiconductor packaging and 3D interconnect technologies from Invensas. 

Tessera Holding intends to become an audio and imaging powerhouse, with the potential to deliver integrated solutions timely and efficiently to OEMs.

“The combination of DTS and Tessera ushers in a new era for the company,” said Tom Lacey, CEO of Tessera Holding Corporation. “By uniting DTS’ industry-leading portfolio of premium audio technology solutions with Tessera’s best-in-class portfolio of imaging and semiconductor packaging and interconnect technologies, we will be able to execute on our vision of an integrated platform of smart enabled technologies.”


Bringing premium audio tech with next-gen 3D semiconductor solutions and top-notch imaging algorithms under the same umbrella is a pretty smart move. A unified solution that solves three problems, not one, could be more attractive to manufacturers than different solutions from various suppliers.

“DTS has always been a leading innovator in the audio space,” said Jon Kirchner, president of Tessera Holding Corporation. “We are proud to unite with Tessera to innovate a new generation of smart sight and sound solutions that will power the next wave of content delivery and electronic devices. These solutions will help deliver ever more immersive experiences and help transform how we interact with the rapidly growing number of connected devices at home, in the car and on the go.”

In plain terms, expect to see more embedded solutions from Tessera Holding in phones, smart home appliances and cars. You should also hear more about them in AR/VR talks. The mixed reality is an emerging market they plan to tackle in the following years.

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Tessera Completes DTS Acquisition To Emerge As Audio & Vision Powerhouse
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