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Adobe Bought Figma for $20 Billion – But You Can’t Put A Price Tag On Figma Users’ Tears

In a move that left designers everywhere in tears, Adobe announced they’re buying Figma for $20 billion.

The acquisition was reported by WSJ and then confirmed by Adobe themselves along with their quarterly earnings. 

While the acquisition is expected to close next year, anyone involved in digital design is a little bit worried right now.

Despite being one of the largest software makers used by digital designers everywhere, Adobe has a reputation for creating cluttered, confusing interfaces. 

Their biggest rival, Figma, met their success by offering the same functionality of Adobe XD in a more streamlined, affordable package. 

Figma was also free for individual UX/UI designers, with paid collaboration features, but Adobe XD requires an upfront subscription.

Fortunately, Figma’s co-founder and CEO Dylan Field will remain in charge of the company even after the acquisition.

“With Adobe’s amazing innovation and expertise, especially in 3D, video, vector, imaging and fonts, we can further reimagine end-to-end product design in the browser, while building new tools and spaces to empower customers to design products faster and more easily,” he said in a statement.

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Adobe Bought Figma for $20 Billion – But You Can’t Put A Price Tag On Figma Users’ Tears
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